Personal Party: The Cake Chronicles

When I had my son, I started planning his first birthday almost immediately. I had no idea what a “normal” birthday party for a kid cost, or what was expected, I just knew what I wanted to do and so the planning commenced. Now farther into my motherhood journey I know better prices on things, what is reasonable - what to look for quality wise, etc. And one of those items is cakes.

I really wish I had a guide or a reference point even of what you COULD get for x amount of money. I was really not sure what I should be looking to pay if I was looking for a certain look/size etc. So here you have it - the past 6 years of birthday cakes and their pricing! 

For his first birthday - we went a little overboard, and the cake was our priciest cake to date! I went with unique fillings - a lemon and blueberry which was good. Overall, I think this was one of the most highly detailed cakes but not the tastiest. The cake was a dry and underwhelming but it was BEAUTIFUL. Grand Total? $275. 

For his second birthday, I told myself I needed to chill out and do something more “low key” which is why we chose a Jewel-Osco birthday cake and a fondant cake topper off etsy - this was a delicious, simple cake and honestly I don’t regret it. Grand Total? $70 ($40 for cake + $30 for toppers) 

 For his 3rd birthday, I was back in business of wanting something that really fit our theme and had found two cakes I loved - the baker MERGED the designs to create this gorgeous cake. It was also one of the tastiest cakes PLUS so well decorated, that she became my baker for the next 3 years (until sadly she moved). Grand Total? $165 (Vendor: Bella's Crafted Cakes)

For his 4th birthday, we went back to the same baker this time with our new theme of Outerspace! This cake was super fun and even survived a fall (dog caught himself on the tablecloth) - and this photo was AFTER it literally fell to the ground. This is why we choose fondant cakes! The durability is so worth it! Grand Total? $140 (Vendor: Bella's Crafted Cakes)

For the 5th birthday, we had our last cake baked by our favorite baker - and it did not disappoint. This time it was science themed - my son STILL usesthose plastic beakers as bath toys and he loves them. Grand Total? $160 (Vendor: Bella's Crafted Cakes)

For his last birthday, we tried a new baker - I was so nervous as we had been spoiled for 3 years knowing exactly what we would get. Luckily after a ton of research I found her and for a 3 tier cake I feel like we walked away pretty scotch free. Grand Total? $265 (Vendor: Lindsey's Sweet Creations)

All in all, I hope this has helped some of you to know what you can get in the Chicagoland Suburbs for your little one's birthday party - and whatever you choose, your party will be absolutely memorable and fabulous! 

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