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Upgrade Time - Living Room Part 1

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When we moved into our house in April of 2014, we decided to just do the bare minimum to make it how we wanted it temporarily. Now we are 3+ years into living here and I'm ready to do more. I'm picking the living room because of a few things that I think a lot of families can relate to:

- It's like command central of the house, we play & entertain in that room almost everyday

-The current storage/seating/functionality of the room is lacking and isn't getting the job done

-The thick black and white stripes I love (and I do still!) are feeling too dark in that room. It pains me to say it because I really do love bold color choices in homes and that is why I went for it - but in our home with where light comes in, etc - it's feeling cave-ish and depressing. :( 

-I'm home so much more now that I need it to be a working space for me. My son plays on the floor while I work so I need places to put laptops/coffee cups/store crap etc.

What I'm working with

What the living room looked like when we looked at the house (owners colors and furniture):


And after we painted, added curtains, added our furniture & installed a ceiling light and sconces:

Now (usually a little less messy!) 

Grand Plans

I've always loved the way that a good built in anchors a living room so that's what I think I want to do for the wall with the tv. The situation over there with a media cabinet + random bookcase + small entryway/storage table is not great. Doing built ins would give us a lot more storage and functionality. 

The current design I have is below - we will fill in the top section with a custom shelf or just frame it out. I want to add some lights inside as well since we will be adding electrical plugs in the back for some added capabilities. 

The start of my plan :)

The start of my plan :)

This time for coloring I think I want to go lighter. The whole built in wall with be a white (built in is white, so we will put a while beadboard or something similar in the section where the tv will go. For the rest of the walls, I'm leaning towards a minky pink/grey/taupe in a matte finish (need to talk to the hubby about it) - like this:


I'm keeping the lighting in the room as I really love the way it looks. I need to add some additional lighting, but I love the bronze main light (shown below - I got it for $34 on amazon!) and the two wall sconces (from urban outfitters also shown below). :)


I'm thinking we will keep our existing couch - maybe get a new cover for it? Not sure on that yet but this is a good starting point to get the ball rolling. Hopefully will have a new update soon to show you!

Have any of you done a built in? If so I would love to see pics for more ideas!